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Chaina Karmakar

Chaina is a gifted clairvoyant whose mission is to educate people to lead an effortless life. She feels that “Life always gives us and human misery comes from seeing the lack in it. It’s our attitude that makes or breaks our life.  Once we understand and imbibe this concept, life becomes choice-less, effort-less.”

Her ability to read tChainahe deep psyche of human being helps a person to get healed at faster pace. An efficient Corporate Coach who helps her clients to deal dull corporate culture with sharp alertness and awareness. To solve each and every case is like solving Jigsaw puzzle and that is also with same amount of compassion, energy and patience.

Chaina went through a very tough time at a very tender age. Since her childhood, she always felt interested in mysticism and her intuitions were almost always right. She always felt that she didn’t belong to this material world and it was a constant struggle between her heart and mind. And slowly she started developing lot of physical and emotional level issues.

When it came to her work life, she worked just for survival but never felt contented. She always felt that this is not her calling and as if something else is calling her. She would co
ntinually ask herself that “Why is she going through all this?”

Slowly her inner calling was becoming stronger and one day, she left everything and came to Bangalore in search of the answers of her questions… She met her mentor and under his guidance and healing, she got healed… And also, the journey of her spiritual growth began. And since then there’s no looking back. With Universe’s guidance and her dedication, she has  been healing people from all sorts of diseases and disorders. So far she helped heal over a thousand people ranging from severe mental disorder to diseases, Infertility, complex  relationship issues, Autism, de-addiction. Healing mental disorder is her core competency. All the healing techniques are downloaded to her in her meditation sessions and have been validated and re-validated on many many clients.

During her one-on-one and group sessions, she heals DNA thread or deep rooted pattern of the family, Chakra balancing, past lives, removal of familial patterns and family curses and Electromagnetic field balancing.

Media Coverage

  • She was covered by ETV Rajasthan for her venture Navkruti in June 2017.

Payal Sharma

Payal comes from a very rich corporate culture where she worked with leading IT organizations. Her diligence and zeal to excel took her through various roles like leading teams in software development to testing and then moving into Business Solutions.

IMG-20170623-WA0014A deep dissatisfaction was growing as she felt somewhere she is not using her full potential, but her deep seeking attitude put her in situation to find answers. Mentoring people became her passion and she moved into the field of behavioral sciences and subsequently into holistic life coaching and healing.

She got herself many Certifications like in Basic Training Skills, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Payal has been developing human potential and helping people come out from their issues through her coaching, training & mentoring sessions for the last eight years. Her inner calling to learn and implement the healing powers of ‘Mind-Body-Soul’ Connection has inspired her to study and practice various forms of healing modalities.

She is a devoted student and believes that everything in life will fall in place automatically if you are in alignment with your being and she practices this principle day in and day out… All the tools and techniques that she has developed during her sessions, talk about first creating your own experience and the results would automatically follow.

In last few years, Payal has been focusing on initiatives that empower different sections of society to aspire for growth namely YouOrganic, Social Entrepreneurship venture to promote Organic & Natural Products produced NGOs, Social Enterprises and Nai Umang – Enrichment of Senior Citizens

Media Coverage, including social media –

  • She has been featured by CoolMomWorking as an Role Model in Oct 2017.
  • She was covered by ETV Rajasthan for her venture Navkruti in June 2017.
  • She was covered by Hindustan Times & Navbharat times for her contribution in Nai Umang
  • She was one of the five finalists for Femina Godrej Eon Woman of Substance Award 2013.
  • She was covered by Outlook Money – Special Women Edition.

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