Problems – Are they Internal or External?

human universe

Most of the time we talk about happiness, we chase happiness but we never realize that external happiness is momentary and depending on external world for happiness brings only suffering. We always relate our happiness to something or put condition. For example if i get a good job i will …

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Conditioning – How it’s Works?

Conditioning of Mind

In different phases of life, different types of conditioning happens based on our perception. In our childhood, school environment, teachers, parents, relatives, friends play important role to build up certain conditioning, which limits our growth. For example, In school we learn to compete, but most of the time, this kind of …

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Mother and Child : A Journey Towards Liberation or Suffering??

Mother and Child 1

While dealing with children mostly we work with mother first or we empower the mother to heal herself. The moment the mother starts healing herself, the healing of the child takes place on its own. The problem lies in the acceptance, it is always painful for a mother or family …

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How does Distance Healing Work?

Distance healing

Many a times we are asked this question – How does healing or distance healing work? Here’s our understanding on the same… Mostly people hear this term but very few actually know the in-depth meaning of healing. Let’s understand how healing works and how a healer being an authentic channel initiates …

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​Is it possible to compare with 7.5 billion people of the world? Why is it that whenever this feeling comes, it always comes with an anxiety to prove?  Why are we not able to accept what we have ? Why are we not aware of our unique code? Most of …

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Science and Mysticism

Energy & Mysticism image

In our life we always search for logic or we analyze, rationalize everything. We never try to get into deep or look beyond. We need science to validate and re validate our actions. Skeptic mind cannot connect to mysticism as doubt is always there. Even if they experience their skeptic …

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Pain of Loneliness


Fear of being alone,  pain of being alone is always an issue for those who search it outside. No matter whether you are staying in a joint family, are surrounded by people, staying in a nuclear family or staying alone, most people avoid to address it. They keep themselves busy …

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