Working on the DNA thread of the family

DNA Thread

Working on DNA thread of the family releases the whole family from the pattern. It is like releasing a “curse” from the complete lineage in one go. We remove ancient blockages via energy healing techniques. It is a very interesting healing process which gets downloaded in meditation while working on …

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Soul Coaching


The Purpose of Soul Coaching is to coach that “light aspect of you” which has the power to align your inner and outer world. i.e., your inner and outer being come in synchronization. Many a times, the client is consciously ready to work on his issues but somehow or the …

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Light Energy Healing


Your energy creates your reality, and the state of your energy field is reflected in your physical reality. It is also one of the downloaded healing processes. We use light energy to balance the chakras, and to align them; sometimes individual chakra influences another chakra, we stop the influence by …

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Karmic Healing


Karmic healing is the process of harmonizing our karma and taking steps to clear our karmic contract. Karma influences all aspects of our lives. All of us have karmic contracts that the soul has drawn up. It outlines what we need to learn and achieve during our lifetime on earth. Our …

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Change - Small

“Change is the only unchanging/constant thing in this world” Coaching always helps to make a conscious shift. Sometimes transformation happens only through coaching. It happens only when the person is ready to move and his/her pace or learning ability decides the path of transformation or change. Coaching is the integral …

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Drug Induced Spirituality

It is interesting for those who wants to experience the internal bliss and the mystical connection with the universal energy. From a metaphysical point of view it always attracts young curious crowd, intellectual people, who wants to experience the spiritual awakening and a higher dimensional states. The use of drug …

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Relationships and our learnings’ through them


Relationship is the need of society. Every relationship is need based, very few experiences the unconditional frequency. If we look around whether it is mother-child, father-child, sister- brother, husband-wife, friends, lovers, every relationship has got its own beauty and at the same time, some or the other complexities. The most …

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Repercussions of Need Based Relationships

Love Need_1

We create relationship to fulfill our needs… Shocked to Read this??? If we start analyzing, every relationship has a need. But is it possible to have a relationship without a need? Also, as the need gets fulfilled, the relationship loses its charm. Let’s understand it better with an example. A female named “A” …

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Alarming Issue of Infertility


Women’s liberation or revolution in society came up with lot of conflicts and struggle. There is always a struggle between old rigid belief system and new belief system within. There is huge conflict when it comes to adapt it and live with it. Freedom is a mental concept to be lived by, physical …

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Balancing Male & Female Energies

Male Female Energies_small

This is a world of duality and Universe has created everything in pair light and dark, pain and pleasure. And to appreciate one, we need to experience the other as well .i.e, we can appreciate sweet only if we have experienced salty. And to experience this duality, we humans also …

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