The Science of Epigenetics


The new science of self empowerment “The science of Epigenetics”, which literally means “control above genetics”,  profoundly changes our understanding of how life is controlled. (Pray 2004; Silverman 2004). In the last decade , epigenetic research has established that DNA blueprints passed down through genes are not set in concrete …

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Breathing – “the Prana, the Vitality, the Aliveness”


Breathing is an autonomous process. It is the one of the key essentials to human living. Breathing is the “fundamental of life – the Prana, the vitality, the aliveness”. Life is breath. And almost all of us do it the wrong way. Conscious breathing is one of the simplest ways …

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A New Thought Process – “A New You”

A New Thought Process_1

How can we begin to experience peace, harmony and tranquility in our daily life? To bring about this change, we need to understand what a perception is and how it works? How everyone perceives differently? We carry our belief system & emotions in our subconscious mind. Our thoughts are generated …

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Process of Transformation or Healing

Lotus Flowering

We feel that not every technique works for every individual and hence the healing of a person depends on his/her psyche and the symptoms he is experiencing. With our detailed discussion and question/answer session with the person, we get to the root cause of the issue. And then to empower him, …

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Approval And Rejection


Rejection is an emotion which has shackled most of the people at the deepest layer consciously/unconsciously. Why we cannot handle rejection, why do we need approval every now and then? Why is approval so important that it unconsciously forces our actions and reactions most of the times? Most of us …

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