A Journey – Depression to Balanced State

Working with cases of depression is much easier than working with any other kind of Mental Disorders. The root cause of depression is that the person doesn’t have any faith and has lost hope in his own existence. Life is meaningless and purposeless. Helping them develops faith and hope in life and self work wonders.

This was one of the so called difficult cases. Her pattern was that the day she felt depressed, her desire to live would drop, then she would create a mental illusion. The trap of survival and illusions was so rigid that it took almost more than a month to break all the illusions she used to create. Initially she was so scared to face the reality but her willingness and commitment towards self helped her to come out of the situation.

Constant Coaching and healing sessions helped her to become aware of her reality. Now her awareness level is much better than earlier. Self pity, hurt and insecurity is less. Now, If she gets in any tough situation at she comes out fast, grounding of emotions has also improved a lot.

She is now able to handle the professional situations in a much calmer way and she is beginning to gain the trust of her seniors in office.

It takes three to six months to get the client in a healthy state of mind or the healthy state to get reflected in energy layer. Gradually the person starts living with own awareness. Post treatment engagement is very important to retain the healthy state, and if this aspect of the treatment is not taken, reversal of symptoms can happen. The second important aspect is the client’s ecology i.e. the environment of the house and work where he would go back to. He needs unconditional support, acceptance and love and here the family and friends play a very important role.

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