A New Beginning…

I am a very outgoing person and I could never imagine that a day would come where I would love to sit in one corner of my room, just to be with myself….

A New BeginningMost of the times, I used to be on my toes. Anger, Restlessness, and Irritation were my weapons. I couldn’t find ways to express my thoughts and emotions… Suppression took over me and it resulted in hypothyroidism. After 17 years, I am free of my thyroid. Now I feel free within the four walls of my home and I celebrate my Solitude. My relationships have become effortless and a sense of calmness & peace remains…

All of this has happened because of the continuous guidance and coaching by Chaina Karmakar. She is highly compassionate and always shows the pros and cons of what I am doing. My Best Wishes are always with Chaina and Navkruti.

Reena Roy,


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