A New Thought Process – “A New You”

How can we begin to experience peace, harmony and tranquility in our daily life?

To bring about this change, we need to understand what a perception is and how it works? How everyone perceives differently?

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We carry our belief system & emotions in our subconscious mind. Our thoughts are generated based on the belief system and the emotions we carry around those beliefs. And we are almost unconscious about these. And hence our perception about any issue is a resultant of what is in our subconscious mind.

We carry these beliefs and emotions from our past or pick it up from our parents or surroundings. Some beliefs are stronger and hold more energy while some are less strong and we are more open to listening or changing these beliefs. The stronger the belief, more it is reflected in our energy and more we attract events in our life as per this belief.

For example, if I believe very strongly that everybody uses me, I will manifest more people in my life, which would use and these events would make my belief stronger. This is a catch 22 situation and here I need to sit down and introspect the beliefs I am carrying which are aiding the manifestation of these people in my life… So the onus lies on me to reflect and weed out my own belief system.

So how can we change our belief system/emotions/thought process?

Our subconscious mind carries everything. But because most of us lead life at mental layer, and are hardly looking inward, at our thought process and belief system, we are unable to get to the root cause of any issue.

So it is of utmost importance that we need to know our subconscious mind (our core belief system and emotions), in order to see things as they are. The moment, we start practicing any kind of meditation or breathing or introspection technique, the mental chatter begins to slow down and we begin to experience a sense of calm. A calm mind, allows the patterns of our belief systems residing in our subconscious begin to appear in our conscious mind and our awareness about own selves begins to increase which enhances our perception /sixth sense or intuition.

The more our perception is enhanced, the more our consciousness expands. The more our consciousness expands, the more we begin to take ownership of ourselves and our behaviours and the more we do that, the peaceful and happier life, we begin to lead.

Also, having this understanding helps us in understanding why different people behave differently in the same situation and our acceptance of them can begin to increase.

So how to change our thought process and how does it work?

We have got three layers –

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If we can align all these layers, we can experience peace and happiness within. By aligning all these layers/bodies, we can achieve a disease/disorder free life.

The moment we become aware of our blocks, and we accept that this is where I am stuck and I am responsible for it, is the moment the energy of that block begins to dissolve. i.e. awareness and acceptance are the key to growth.

The moment we accept, we take ownership and the moment we take ownership, a change in attitude and perception towards that particular aspect of your life happens. And every time we do this, we take one more step from leading a life of a Victim to a Victor…

By working on our awareness we can align this below mentioned three layers and can experience peace and happiness within.

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