Process of Healing / Empowerment

Navkruti has only one vision and that is to Empower people. We feel that not every technique works for every individual and hence the process of transformation for every individual is unique and depends on his/her psyche and the symptoms he is experiencing.

With our detailed downloaddiscussion and question/answer session with the person, we get to the root cause of the issue. And then to empower him, we intuitively decide on the techniques and when would we use that particular technique. So, we can say that the transformation and healing of the person is a very individualistic journey and no case is similar to the other case.

Sometimes after going through the process to a certain level, the person starts resisting the whole process of healing, and in that situation we take a pause and allow the person to get ready for the second phase.

At times, the person is ready for transformation at conscious level but subconscious mind doesn’t allow the process of evolution. In this case, we need to handle the situation in a very patient manner as this is a delicate situation and empathetic listening and coaching helps.

Skeptic/rational/logical mind always doubts the process of evolution. Sometimes people are stuck with the body only. Because their ego don’t allow them to experience emotions.  So they either suppress them, resulting in disease. Ill developed ego is unable to handle the emotions and that gets stuck in mind resulting mental disorder.  It is easy to work with emotional people. Emotional people can follow the path of surrender; faith in life gets restored very fast.

The process of transformation is very painful (and challenging) because all our lives, we continue to blame other people and situations for our life. But when we face our inner self and inner reality, we find that no one else but we ourselves are responsible for our miseries. It is both very painful and overwhelming to accept this reality and acceptance of this reality brings a lot of freedom, inner strength and clarity.

Scenario I:

In chronic mental disorder cases, Infertility issue or cases of autistic range, the responsibility of the implementation of the healing process remains completely with us till the time client reaches a situation where we feel that the client would be able to implement the techniques on his own to maintain the basic state of health.

A mental disorder or mentally weak person does not have enough consciousness; he is stuck in his own defined consciousness which does not allow him to open up for new learning or adaptation. So we start with the healing, once he opens up and responds we start empowering him by putting on tailor made techniques, which suits one’s psyche. Gradually he moves towards the higher state of consciousness.

Scenario II:

A relationship issue, cases of financial losses or emotional distress, like parents of special need children or cases where the person is stuck with past trauma like death of a near one, needs little healing intervention. In most cases, coaching helps them to open up and then we start empowering them with the required techniques and support them in implementation. Once they start operating on their own, we taper down the support and make them independent. So they start moving on their path with a new developed inner strength.

Srijan – A “Five + Two” Days Program, where we don’t put any restriction on participation. Everybody is welcome to join in. Starting from Chronic to simple cases, like people suffering from severe backache, infertility,  mental disorder, relationship issues, stress disorder, facing hurdles in professional careers, lack in life, teenage issues, parenting issues. The program provides you with framework of knowledge and tools/techniques to create a life that you are unable to, in spite of your best efforts. The program is an end result of working with over hundreds of patients and refining the ancient techniques over the years and validating / re-validating the efficacy of the techniques.

Process of self empowerment includes :

  • Healing
  • Coaching
  • Techniques to be practiced (everyday 30-45 minutes)

Healing always based on intuition or psyche power of the healer and further can be classified as – 

How does healing work?

Most of the people are stuck with this question that how does a long distance healing session work?

The word “Healing” itself creates skepticism in people’s minds. The foremost question is that how can a person sitting at location “A” heal a person sitting at location “B”. And we say that distance doesn’t matter. We all are cosmically connected to each other and this has been verified by various experiments done in the field of Quantum Physics.

There are many modalities available for personal or spiritual growth or healing. Every modality takes you inward. The most important aspect to follow any process is your faith and commitment in the process. Implementing the process regularly is the only thing which can pull you out of the suffering and misery.

So, it’s important not to do window shopping of healing processes. Any change is a slow and steady process and Instant Coffee mindset doesn’t yield any results. You get results only and only if you are committed to bring a change and experiment with the process and get the solution to your problem or answer to your question. One day, a state would come where all your questions would get dissolved and life would just flow in alignment.

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