Case Study : Healing of a Autism Spectrum Child

Autism: Autism Spectrum or Children with Special Needs, “Whom, Where Do I Belong To”?

“Do you understand me”? “Do you accept me the way i am”?

These children with special needs come to the physical realm (our earth) on a very tough contract. They prefer to be on their own and live life disconnected from material world on their termsAutism and conditions. They don’t want to be disturbed by the external world because the purpose of their life is to experience the inner journey.

These children are born to very mature souls where parents especially mother-son karma is predominant. Mother-daughter cases are few. In all these cases, mother plays an important role and she is on equally tough contract. The role of a mother should be understood by the mother herself. It’s a spiritual internal journey of a mother and child. They both evolve in each other’s presence.

Working with these children always brings a special kind of joy. Mother and child start evolving together as their frequency gets synchronized with each other. It’s a perfect example of unconditional love. Such cases always give some mystical experiences which are beyond explanation and scientific validation.

Working with these children gives us an experience of deep soul level connect, warmth and unconditional love. They are so rich from inside. When they come to us, they are so restless in their actions and in their being. The moment we start working on their energies and start grounding the energies, the shift in energy is immediately visible.

In a recent case, where the child had so many issues like speech problem, poor eye contact, restlessness, spinning, banging head, not following any instruction, bed wetting, ill developed toilet habits, appetite issue, frozen emotions. Although his vocal chords are perfectly fine, he never spoke.

After working with the child and the parents, the child is almost out of all these symptoms. No one can make out that he is a child with special needs. He has started babbling words and the intervention school, which he attends, the grades have improved dramatically. Eye contact improved a lot, and he has started to show emotions. His sitting tolerance is normal now; mother-son relationship improved a lot.

Since July 2015, he is attending one intervention class for special children that include activities for development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills, but our intervention has brought encouraging outcomes/changes. From the day one he started showing calmness as if his soul was waiting for the right channel to heal him.

For us every case is a mystery. Here in this case, the mystery was in the family DNA, which got downloaded very clearly in meditation. Decoding the mystery was quite encouraging. Once we got the root cause, the healing was very smooth. It was as if the family was paying the karmic debt. Cleansing started with deep cleansing of mother and son. Both of them started sleeping like logs. Not only the child but the whole family started feeling a sense of peace and bliss. And for the first time the family enjoyed and celebrated togetherness.

Although parents had the strength to take on the challenges life has thrown to them through their son but beauty of the relationship has begun to blossom now as they are beginning to enjoy the parenthood.

This case is very special to us as we also enjoy the child’s company and it is probably one of its kinds because the child who never spoke even a single world in so many years has finally started speaking. Although it’s still a long way to go, but the breakthrough has happened.

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