Being Ordinary is Extraordinary !!!

While healing ill mental health cases , I have been recently observed that the number of children with mental disorders are increasing and this situation is alarming.

When I discuss this with parents they say “we don’t put any pressure to perform or to standout extraordinary”. Children are developing high expectations from self and we can’t deny the role of parents, teachers, educational institutions, contributing like slow poison. This is getting transferred in DNA.

Being Ordinary

Everyone wants to be extraordinary. Everyone is unique in their own way but this need to be extraordinary is killing essence of life and children are getting trapped in vicious cycle of endless desire of being extraordinary. This situation is getting worst when they experience failure, rejection, humiliation in their journey. They are not ready to come down from the illusionary images of extraordinary. They just dream about it but no energy to make it real. This is how they start experiencing a state of hopelessness and slowly slip into depression, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. Though all these are glorified terminologies, in real this is just a state of imbalance.

It is true that India is going through a transition phase where we are slowly coming out of the shades of parents, shades of joint family, shades of society to
search our own identity, so the chaos is expected. We are trying to come out of state of suppression where Identity crisis is huge. Every change comes with some pros and cons but with awareness we can lessen the damage and can guide our children with lot of clarity. To guide them first we need to get our own clarity.

With awareness and alertness we can give our children an environment of happiness, where being ordinary is extraordinary…. Amen❤️❤️

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