Distress to awaken an emotionally frozen person

Awaken a Person

To start with her case, we were actually puzzled as to where to start with the case as nothing was working with her, from mind to body and she was almost emotionally frozen. Only one emotion was predominant and that was anger. Awareness to other emotions was not there and …

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Distress of a Pregnant Lady & Postpartum Depression


A beautiful charismatic bubbly lady when conceived, was very happy and excited to nurture her motherhood but very soon her happiness disappeared when she started witnessing lot of complication during her pregnancy. Being a doctor herself, she was aware of all sort of obstacles and consequences of those obstacles. Her …

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Depression & Internal Agony of a Mother


Although each case that we get is unique in nature but this case falls in a special category because it is one of those cases where the client and we didn’t see each other. We handled the complete case through Skype and Whatsapp calls. We always prefer the physical presence of …

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Natural Conception after 8 failed cycles of IVF


Infertility is a heavy word for a woman who is going through the ongoing process of IVF, IUI and endless pain of injections, diagnosis. Ask a woman who goes through all these processes month after month. These endless tiring cycles add a lot of mental fatigue and emotional churning to the …

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Pain of Childhood Abuse

Child abuse_small

The pain of childhood sexual abuse, is immense pain to deal with. All of us can understand that but at the same time we need to look within and check that why this happens? Are we not responsible because somewhere we are not able to inculcate proper values and awareness …

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Unconscious Parenting

unconscious parenting

Most of the parents feel that they are the best parents in the world and they know everything about parenting. And to a certain extent, they are right in their attitude because they try to do the best for their children, but unknowingly or out of ignorance they make a …

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Schizophrenia : Never Ending Thirst for the quest

schizophrenia 2_edited

A case of Schizophrenia: A 26 years old girl, who was a Journalist by profession, had a huge thirst for mysticism. To quench that thirst she started with experimentation on her own. She gathered all the information using a search engine to meditate and to gain power. Out of body …

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Hyperactivity and Insomnia


A free spirited guy was caught up in the pool of negative energy. At the surface level, it seemed a very simple case to handle but the when we started talking; we found that he was in a total state of mess. The biggest benefit with was he came to …

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Case Study : Healing of a Autism Spectrum Child


Autism: Autism Spectrum or Children with Special Needs, “Whom, Where Do I Belong To”? “Do you understand me”? “Do you accept me the way i am”? These children with special needs come to the physical realm (our earth) on a very tough contract. They prefer to be on their own and live …

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