Change“Change is the only unchanging/constant thing in this world”

Coaching always helps to make a conscious shift. Sometimes transformation happens only through coaching. It happens only when the person is ready to move and his/her pace or learning ability decides the path of transformation or change.

Coaching is the integral part of our treatment process. Coaching is a very important aspect because it helps to expand awareness of the skeptic mind. Once the doubting mind understands the process then there is no looking back.

Process of introspection can begin only through coaching. Through coaching we start digging the deep rooted issues. So once the new insights come into the person’s awareness, the next step it to move the person to a state of acceptance of these insights. Acceptance helps to heal the issues automatically.

Most of our mental disorder clients have given us this feedback that we address the core issues better than any trained cognitive therapist. We understand how the person perceives, interprets his daily life situations, then we support him in identifying his dysfunctional patterns and the root cause of those patterns and then help them break the patterns.

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