​Is it possible to compare with 7.5 billion people of the world? Why is it that whenever this feeling comes, it always comes with an anxiety to prove?  Why are we not able to accept what we have ? Why are we not aware of oucomparisonr unique code?

Most of the time we see inferior people drain their energies to prove themselves superior to others and those who feel superior already have the energy of inferiority. It is like everyone is trying to reach the upper step of a ladder, so there is no end to this game. Can we come down from the ladder and take a smooth walk while focusing on our own work?

Every person comes with an unique code but while progressing on this journey our survival instinct doesn’t allow us to decode that unique code. We get trapped in approval, acceptance, rejection, competition, superiority, inferiority driven by ego. So when we discover our uniqueness then  we don’t need approval and acceptance from others and coming down from the ladder is easy. There is no pressure to prove, to compete and we can exp
erience ultimate freedom and bliss.

Amen. 😍😍

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