Conditioning – How it’s Works?

In different phases of life, different types of conditioning happens based on our perception. In our childhood, school environment, teachers, parents, relatives, friends play important role to build up certain conditioning, which limits our growth. For example, In school we learn to compete, but most of the time, this kind of competition creates massive pressure in us. Slowly this pressure creates nervousness, fear, anxiety, panicky, depression. Sometimes it triggers comparison, anger, rage, low on confidence, low self esteem. So seeding starts from childhood itself. While competing we are always against others that creates a gap, a division. 

Conditioning of Mind

Even too much of appreciation, encouragement create dependency. We start looking for external approval, attention, importance for our own recognition at the same time we can’t handle criticism, failure thus we start forcing ourselves to live life accordingly others. Unknowingly we land up in dancing on other’s tune. 

When we start growing, we witness people with different set of conditioning. In our society, almost everyone tries to control other, whether in relationship, situation…Subconsciously, we want everyone to act according to our convenience. Sometimes people control others very lovingly, sometimes direct interference. Controlling freak people are the most fearful and insecure. When we control others, we are not giving free space to each other to decide and act. This kind of pressure of controlling creates two types of situation.

1. If we try to control a person who is not aware of the act, slowly the second person will be conditioned as the first person’s belief system and unknowingly gets trapped in energy dance and also won’t have any clue why is he/she draining energy, limiting self. Fear, guilt, shame don’t allow to break the conditioning.

2. In some situation, if the person is aware of the fact that other person is trying to control him/her and that awareness doesn’t allow anyone to take the charge of his/her life. Different people act differently, like few react when relationship or situations gets worsened and few, because of their awareness and acceptance, deal with the situation very wisely hence without draining energy they are able to maintain the peace and their own space.

There are phases of of unlearning and learning. Awareness and acceptance can help us to break all these layers of conditioning and we can experience the energy, space from finite to infinite. Amen…😍😍😍

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