Depression & Internal Agony of a Mother

Although each case that we get is unique in nature but this case falls in a special category because it is one of those cases where the client and we didn’t see each other. We handled the complete case through Skype and Whatsapp calls. EvolvedHumanConsciousnessFeatureWe always prefer the physical presence of the person whom we are going to heal. But in this case the distance and the situation didn’t allow her to start with the process in person. This case referred by one of the friends and client took a long time back to begin the treatment i.e 2 yrs approximately.

This case is about a daughter who is suffering from depression and  a sense of withdrawal. After discussing the case, we suggested her mother to start with the healing immediately, as we found the situation alarming. But the mother didn’t pay much heed to the solution we offered and left for US.

After a year one midnight received a panic call from the nervous and disturbed mother stating about the situation of her daughter, who tried to commit suicide and caught up in entanglement of Police and mental asylum in US. Whole family was struggling to deal with the sudden crisis and the mother requested to start her daughter’s healing immediately. Looking at the situation, we started coaching her immediately so as to cope up with the crisis.

Instead of working with daughter we started working with mother simultaneously included daughter and son.

One month transformation program, which included healing, coaching and implementation of few techniques helped her to move the energy of whole family. Mother was highly receptive and her uplifted energy moved the stuck energy of both the children. Now the daughter is out of medication and son is also quite settled and clear about his journey. Mother is at peace and able to understand the journey of life.

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