Disorder to Sound Sleep

Name – Madhur Verma, Mumbai

Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions:

  • Sleep Disorder
  • Low concentration level
  • Had problem to say no to others

How was your experience during the course of your sessions?

  • I could feel the energy within me and was witnessing the changes in me everyday.
  • The most prominent problem of my sleep disorder was addressed during the session only, as I used go into deep sleep before the session completion.

How are you feeling after the sessions?

  • My thought process has completely changed. Now I don’t think about those situations which are beyond my control.
  • I’ve experienced sleep even for couple of minutes as no disturbing thoughts occupy my mind.
  • Am now being upfront, do what I like, and refuse to do what bothers me and immediately walk away from the situations which threaten peace of my mind.

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