Disorder to Sound Sleep

Name – Madhur Verma, Mumbai

Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions:

  • Sleep Disorder
  • Low concentration level
  • Had problem to say no to others

How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar?

  • I could feel the energy within me and be witnessing the changes in me every day.
  • The most prominent problem of my sleep disorder was addressed during the session only, as I used go into a deep sleep before the session completion.

How are you feeling after the sessions with Chaina karmakar?

  • My thought process has completely changed. Now I don’t think about those situations which are beyond my control.
  • I’ve experienced sleep even for a couple of minutes as no disturbing thoughts occupy my mind.
  • Am now being upfront, do what I like, and refuse to do what bothers me and immediately walk away from the situations which threaten the peace of my mind.

All thanks to Chaina, her sessions helped me to change my attitude towards life. I was stuck in a relationship, Job uncertainty, complete chaos was there. Now I have reinvented my relationship with my parents, wife and doing well in my job. life is beautiful and all gratitude to Chaina to show me a new life.

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