Distress of a Pregnant Lady & Postpartum Depression

A beautiful charismatic bubbly lady when conceived, was very happy and excited to nurture her motherhood but very soon her happiness disappeared when she started witnessing lot of complication during her pregnancy. Being a doctor herself, she was aware of all sort of obstacles and consequences of those obstacles.depressionpretermdelivery

Her intense fear of losing the foetus in her womb led her to become a complex case of pregnancy. She started staying under intense fear and her fear got manifested at physical layer in the form of complexities like bleeding, headache. Throughout her pregnancy she was put on bed rest. This rest also added restlessness, nervousness, panic attacks, irritation, frustration, anger etc.

Even after delivering a healthy, cute baby boy she was unable to celebrate. All emotions which got stored in her body during the pregnancy, resulted in lack of sleep, fear, constant irritation. All these made the situation worst. She slipped into depression and everything started reflecting in her child. The infant started showing the same symptoms like lack of sleep, restlessness and feeding issues. As he started growing, his issues were also simultaneously increasing. Lot of anger, sleeplessness, assertiveness, hyperactivity, restlessness persisted. Relationship between husband and wife over a period of time started falling apart.

When she got tired with all this, she contacted us to get the solution but she was not convinced with the solution we offered and refused to work on self. Her brother-in-law’s intervention worked and she agreed to discuss and allowed us to work on her.

That’s how her spiritual journey started and today she is a transformed woman and able to nurture her motherhood with gratitude. It feels awesome when we see the break free attitude of her son as well. We are in gratitude to witness the restoration of a family, which is now closely bonded and affectionate, sensitive towards each other.

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