Distress to awaken an emotionally frozen person

To start with her case, we were actually puzzled as to where to start with the case as nothing was working with her, from mind to body and she was almost emotionally frozen. Only one emotion was predominant and that was anger. Awaken a PersonAwareness to other emotions was not there and hence sensitivity to others was almost nil. She didn’t have enough energy to give and she felt that she always attract lot of judgement, a tag of bad mother. No one was in a situation to understand her. All these judgement were sufficient to trigger her anger.

A huge list of physical ailments, lifeless relationships. She was not aware of what relationship could be, no friends, married life was not working. Out of blue one day she felt that something is wrong with her and she decided to get herself healed thus how she contacted us for her own transformation.

We appreciate her commitment, dedication to the process and the responsibility she took to transform herself. After a month she got back to the rhythm of life. Now she is able to enjoy her life, reciprocation is not a burden, more soft, anger has reduced to quite some extent. Relationship with daughter is becoming effortless … still a long way to go. It’s just a new beginning to her and she is curious to explore the in-depth meaning of life.

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