From Fear to Creativity

About two and half years back I met Chaina – bubbly and happy exuding enthusiasm and extremely compassionate. Just being around her is healing half done …Creativity Takes Courage_small
On a serious note – she is a tremendous coach and a powerful healer.  I could describe myself at that point a very angry, unhappy, stressed out person. Going through the journey of at first bringing myself to be aware of my thoughts, beliefs and patterns which till then were a given. I also had thoughts which ran in a continuous loop, it was worrisome and exhausting. This left me drained most of the time.

Chaina guided me with her brilliant coaching and healing into a state of self awareness, acceptance of self has led to healing me of deep rooted fears and anger. A surprise element was that I suddenly found myself sketching – my hands just seemed to know how to and could see in the mind’s eye the picture of what I was trying to sketch – this was surprising and shocking revelation for somebody who had absolutely no creativity.

As soon as I started feeling better I saw a tremendous change in my child – he too became less fearful and open. Our relationship which was always good got even better. I have now started yoga, which is also a step towards self love. Chaina has been with me right through this journey and will continue to!!

Jyothi Mulay, Bangalore

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