How do we create Karma?

Our thoughts are our karma. Each and every cell of our body is intelligent and stores all information in the form of memory. Most of the times people say I don’t damage anyone, I don’t harm then also I am suffering.


The account of all thoughts in all lives are stored and reflect at the right time in the form of diseases, disorders, distress or in the form of karmic suffering. This account of all thoughts are karma and we carry it life after life. So our thoughts make us and break us. If we nurture anger in us, each and every cell will be communicating with each the language of anger, if we nurture fear all cells will be reflecting fear and eventually in life we will attract events which will be validating our emotions, beliefs day in and out. By nurturing all these emotions we actually nurture misery/suffering within ourselves. If we nurture any of these emotions for long time, get reflected in our actions. For example if we nurture rage and feel like killing someone in our thoughts, we have already committed crime and it can be reflected in action by small trigger also. People killed in the fit of rage but the actual nurturing of killing starts at least six months prior to the crime done.

What we throw, we get them back but when that we don’t know. So our endeavor should be to witness our own emotions, beliefs without getting attached to them then only we will be able to live a blissful life…. Amen ❤️❤️

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