How does Distance Healing Work?

Many a times we are asked this question – How does healing or distance healing work? Here’s our understanding on the same…

Distance healingMostly people hear this term but very few actually know the in-depth meaning of healing. Let’s understand how healing works and how a healer being an authentic channel initiates the process of healing. We all are connected at energy level. Few examples to understand it better. Sometimes, you are remembering your close friend or family member and the same family member/friend calls you out of the blue or pays a visit because he/she feels the same frequency. So when a healer connects to a person actually he /she taps the energy field of the person. In this way a healer can initiate better healing with her/his intuitive power. If the healer is an authentic channel, she /he can initiate very powerful healing.

Now understand the term INTENT. Intent of the receiver is important than the healer. At the same time healer’s intent intensify the healing process. So healing is a two way process where healer and receiver gets connected for the same intent. It is not necessary that a healer only heal through energy, he /she can heal through words, touch. A healer without compassion won’t be able to radiate energy to heal a concerned person. The more her/his electromagnetic field vast the more ability to heal mass. A transparent channel can transfer more light.

Heal yourself with an intense intent to come out of the suffering and anyone can be empowered with healing ability to heal self.
Love, light…. Amen ❤️❤️❤️

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