Hyperactivity and Insomnia

HyperactivityA free spirited guy was caught up in the pool of negative energy. At the surface level, it seemed a very simple case to handle but the when we started talking; we found that he was in a total state of mess. The biggest benefit with was he came to us in a total state of surrender as he  had already lost his job, he had few legal cases against him, he had disrupted sleep, anxiety and restlessness… So virtually, he had nothing else to lose and hence he knew that he couldn’t go any down and the way was only up

Also, In order to fulfill his emptiness, he was in love with material objects, his looks, clothes etc. His lived his life on his toes, and used to do excessive running to shed off his excessive energy. There was a complete chaos in Emotional, physical, mental state

The thing that helped us was his attitude of surrender. He followed everything exactly the way it was told to him. Within 21 days of healing and coaching, he got three job offers. His sleep got restored and he started feeling a sense of contentment. His obsession to look good and to exercise has reduced dramatically. His continuous habit of neck shrugging is gone. Anxiety and restlessness has also reduced dramatically.

Very interesting, his major cleansing happened when root cause of all his issues appeared in one of the meditation session. His grandfather had died when he was 21 years old and since then many a times, he used to see his grandfather in his dreams. So in one of the healing sessions, it came that he has a deep connect with him at Karmic level and he is carrying a lot of karmic debt. When this aspect was healed, all his dreams stopped and the cleansing happened at such a fast pace.

Now he is leading a life of ease and his legal cases are also moving towards resolution.

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