Journey of a Soul

Infertility is an internal agony of a woman and the number of infertility cases are increasing on each successive day. We should be in gratitude to them as they are participating in collective evolution to raise the issue of infertility. Why all of a sudden so many women are participating in mass evolution being infertile? Is there a message for women as well for the society we live in?

While working with an infertility case recently, witnessed once again the internal struggle of a woman . How she made a choice being in depression, hallucination rather than nurturing her motherhood. Infertility_1Why the conditioning of society is not allowing her to be with her choice?

In 10 years of marriage the woman couldn’t conceive because she made a choice not to nurture motherhood. Husband was more keen to get a baby and consulted IVF Specialist for the same.

When the process of IVF started, she developed immense fear of responsibility. For her, responsibility is far bigger than life and she didn’t hesitate to end her life. Out of the blue she developed hallucination and depression. After 2 years of treatment the psychiatrist decided to stop the medicine and conveyed that now they can start the procedure of IVF.

The conditioning of society and internal conditioning didn’t allow her to listen to her inner voice. At the same time she developed guilt and pressure for not having kids as people at home were more keen to get a baby as per the conditioning. She didn’t have any choice to accept the decision. But during the procedure once again she developed the same symptoms of depression and hallucination. This time with intensified symptoms they contacted us through Dr. Archana Agrawal, Mannat fertility center, Bangalore for support.

While healing her, we understood the actual situation and came to know about the soul’s journey. She wants to experience her freedom without any responsibility in this lifetime but the courage is not there. In this lifetime, her learning is to acquire freedom by accepting her own responsibility but she is caught up in whirlpool of turmoil, created by herself (unconsciously). This suffering of hallucination is so painful that she is choosing to avoid motherhood.

Initially It was little difficult, whether to make the choice of healing to liberate her to experience her own existence or to heal her for her blocks of motherhood. After healing, few of her blocks resolved and her readiness for motherhood has taken the shape. She conceived a month back but long way to go. Her journey is to discover her own self and to take the responsibility of her own existence . These twin will make her realise while moving together in this beautiful journey. Amen.

Some deep introspection should be done on our part. Can we think of women, as an individual leaving all conditioning?? Are they here to experience others life? Are they here only for procreation? Social conditioning doesn’t allow us to accept them the way they are.

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