Karmic Healing

Karmic healing is the process of harmonizing our karma and taking steps to clear our karmic contract. Karma influences all aspects of our lives. All of us have karmic contracts that the soul has drawn up. It outlines what we need to learn and achieve during our lifetime on earth. Our soul fulfills our contract by going through certain situations and learning the required lessons.karmic-release1

All karmic healing always happens at soul level. All of us carry few very rigid patterns and which are very difficult to break. In these situations, it helps to know what the deep rooted cause of the pattern is and then to heal it.

In the same way, in a family, every child connects with parents at a very different level and that is because all of them are operating from their core beliefs, residing in their subconscious and   they are carrying these beliefs since so many lives. Mother-son relationship, mother-daughter relationship, sibling rivalry, husband-wife relationship can be addressed at deeper layer.

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