Leadership And EGO!!!

 Some attributes of a leader, rarely found nowadays. are Empathy, Optimism, Altruism, Forgiveness, Eloquence, Sensitivity, Humility, Visionary, Grounded, Sharpness, Alertness, Fearlessness.

Most of the time we lack good leaders, mentors in society. Either we are not ready to learn or the person we look for, is not ready to share. Above mentioned attributes can be inculcatedEgo if we are free of EGO. Ego neither allows us to learn nor share, a biggest barrier in our growth. Ego should be used as tool rather than defense mechanism.

A fearful and insecure person cannot be a good leader because all the time he/she is on edge to defend himself/herself. The more fearful and insecure you are, the more EGO you have. Person with high Ego won’t be able to create or execute on a large scale as most of the time his/her mind is occupied to defend or to justify self. The person will be stuck with micromanagement and won’t be able to draw a “Big Picture”. Creative energy is wasted in manipulation, power game, divide and rule policy, distrust, attention seeking, importance gaining, approval seeking, unworthiness. Failure and crisis handling is poor which hampers the growth of an individual and as well as of an organization.

Biggest disadvantage of India or the conditioning we live with is, fear/pressure as we are on SURVIVAL Mode. We create fear in a team to get the work done or vice versa without pressure people do not work. This pattern is deeply rooted and very difficult to break. A wise leader knows when and how to use pressure. He always distributes responsibility in his/her team and trusts the ability of a person, at the same time juniors feel a sense of responsibility towards self and to the organization he/she is working for.

A person with sharp leadership skill is aware of the link between personal growth and organization’s growth. A wise leader continuously work on his own Ego rather dancing on others Ego. When a person grows internally, Organization also grows. One can grow by working on self i.e Awareness, Acceptance & Intent to come out:

Take the CHARGE of self, external motivation is temporary
Devote at least 30 minutes time for introspection through writing, meditation or conscious breathing(Going Inward)
Bring awareness and acceptance to your EGO
Set long term vision with short term goal
Learn from your failure and success both, with all awareness
Expand consciousness
Grow Emotional Quotient (Spiritual Quotient)
Leader doesn’t only mean to guide or to mentor others, anyone can be leader of their own life. Be courageous and be a leader…. Amen 🙏❤️

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