Life can be Beautiful!!!

Sometimes it is very difficult for people to start with their inner journey in order to live a happy and healthy life. Trying to summarize our experience while dealing with people on a daily basis and their struggle to move on in their respective life. Mostly people are not aware of their own journey. They are just dragging life aimlessly with a feeling that life is struggle and nothing can be done.

Life can be beautifulSo here the intent is to spread awareness among people that life can be beautiful and wellness can be witnessed.

Scenario I: Initially it is important to bring a certain level of calmness through practicing of breathing or meditation but at the same time people are stuck in past event and wounds. They get stuck in loop of thoughts while practicing. So addressing past wounds and traumatic events, relationship very important. once they start addressing past, breathing gets restored and effortless breathing happens. With dedication, devotion and commitment to self they can change the entire situation. Gradually conscious breathing or meditation starts deepening. Here little guidance or push is sufficient to kick start. Awareness to the situation, people and acceptance is not a difficult task for this set of people. Once they understand they are unstoppable.

Scenario II: Here the situation is little different, people are not aware of their emotions, situation and acceptance is alien for them. So bringing awareness is important here. Once they start getting the clarity and acceptance is adapted, it is easy to move on. It happens mostly with logical mind. Once logical mind understands they can go further without any blocks.

Scenario III: Here the situation is little tricky. People are aware of everything but they struggle when it comes to acceptance. They are unable to accept the situation, people. Most of the time they ask how to accept? Skeptical mind or egoist people cannot see or accept. Their mind is very rigid, They struggle a lot to practice, not consistent with anything. They cannot sustain the high vibration for long and they discontinue.

Sometimes we have witnessed, people struggle a lot to attain peace of mind but they forget that chasing/desperation itself is a pressure or stress.

So the crux of this explanation is how to bring awareness, acceptance? Once awareness, acceptance come, then our intent to come out of the suffering or situation is effortless.

As per the archetype, techniques are applicable. For Emotional people, logical/rational people, skeptical people, same technique may not work initially. Once their thirst for quest gets quenched, they are unstoppable.

Don’t take life seriously….Amen….😍😍😍

By Chaina Karmakar

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