When we think about life, we always want to experience immediate gratification. If we look back, we can recall that since our childhood we always look for short term pleasures. Avoiding pain or suppressing pain is human attitude and it is deeply rooted in us. We are conditioned not to address the other side. Aren’t we scared to address??

But life is all about duality. Pain-pleasure, Love-hatred, Joy-sorrow, Anger-calmness, Fear-courage, Dark-light, Attachment-detachment, Negative-positive and so the list is on…..


Since childhood we are conditioned not to address fear, pain, anger etc.  We are taught they are bad.  So either we suppress or avoid hence we lead a very superficial life, insensitive towards self as well as to others. We can’t deal with the flip side of life so we struggle when we experience these kind of emotions.

Struggle to come out of the situation at a super jet sonic speed and it is because of non acceptance of that particular adverse situation or emotion. Non acceptance brings struggle resulting anxiety, restlessness, fear for unknown, uncertainty get surfaced. Without experiencing dark we won’t be able to recognize light, similarly without experiencing attachment we won’t be able to aware of detachment.The more we go deep to experience flip side(negative horizon), the more we bounce back to experience positive horizon. Slowly this curve becomes a straight line where only peace and bliss can remain.

Awareness and acceptance to the duality can bring peace to your inner core and from there doors start opening up to a new horizon….Amen

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