How to maintain Life Force Energy while achieving your goals?

This article is based on the queries that we receive and our observation while handling clients mostly from academic background or so to say highly ambitious people.

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What we have been observing is that people don’t have enough energy to live life after achieving or accomplishing IIT, IIM degrees, other professional degrees from renowned business school or after achieving what they are very ambitious about.

While chasing some long term goal, they drain their life force energy and even after achieving also they don’t feel any happiness or contentment. They get ready for something new to achieve. So whole life they chase to achieve one or the other goal. While chasing their ambition, they exhaust their energy and don’t have anything to invest in relationship or other activities.

Unknowingly they get trapped in a situation where they feel empty and hopeless without any goals. Constantly they try to engage themselves to achieve.Β  And if they are not chasing , it creates stress and an internal state of hopelessness.

Mostly people don’t have the capacity to hold the pressure while chasing all these long term goals. They feel they are equipped to handle the pressure and they start pushing themselves more and more. But all these get reflected as mental illness or physical disease after reaching a saturation point.

That doesn’t mean we stop working and sit idle. Karma is the greatest dharma, but without attaching self to the outcome. So how to channelize our energy in a better way so that we feel contended and energetic without getting trapped.

  1. Always set short term goals rather than long term.
  2. Always bring awareness while pursuing them, like what are the emotional changes you are going through.
  3. Celebrate your accomplishment as well as failure because you learn from failure also.
  4. While pursuing make sure you are investing your energy in something else as well.
  5. Your physical body needs attention too. It is a vehicle to experience life so make sure you are playing any sports, get involved in any kind of exercise, run, walk, yoga.
  6. For mental body do some breathing exercise, yoga, mediation.
  7. For your emotional body listen to good music, nurture art, literature, play any musical instrument, learn new language, dance…anything you are passionate about.

If you take care of all these, you will be able to witness how effortlessly you are setting goals, achieving them without draining yourself. When you are connected to self there are no more chasing… all of these become a part of your life experience.
Peace, love and contentment. Amen😍😍😍😍

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