Mother and Child : A Journey Towards Liberation or Suffering??

While dealing with children mostly we work with mother first or we empower the mother to heal herself. The moment the mother starts healing herself, the healing of the child takes place on its own.Mother and Child 1

The problem lies in the acceptance, it is always painful for a mother or family to accept the child the way he or she is. We always try to see our children in a frame, perfect and there is no end to it. We don’t respect the journey our children choose and we start controlling their journey and the real suffering, struggle starts.

While dealing with ADHD, Autism, Autism Spectrum, Hyper, delayed learning cases, our experience says healing must start with mother. A child is connected through umbilical cord to mother and being in womb the absorption of emotions starts from there only. If a mother heals her wounds the child gets liberated from the karmic loop he or she is in resulting positive changes in every aspect. While healing such kind of cases writing our experiences which may guide others to know – 

1. Behavior – For example, You may begin to notice reduced restlessness, deep sleep, if the child is violent he or she starts reflecting calmness, with time spinning stops, improved sitting tolerance, bed-wetting stops, improved washroom etiquette etc.

2. Emotional state – They rarely express themselves so when healing starts, child starts expressing emotions, awareness to surrounding can be witnessed, better eye contact, social interaction, compassionate, better focus, improved cognitive function as they start perceiving in a better way.

3. Physical appearance – In few cases, we have witnessed, physical appearance getting changed like more confident walk, straight body posture, head shape, Body shaking stopped.

These children carry a deep karmic bond with mother and want to experience unconditional love. They are tired of conditioning and external journey so they decide to experience the inward journey with unconditional love. A deep understanding is needed about this relationship, where mother and child play the role to evolve together.

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to explain why we need mothers to heal themselves on priority. In most of the cases mothers are very open and receptive to start with their healing and results are very encouraging. And it is up to you whether liberation happens or suffering remains….


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