My Spiritual Evolution with Navkruti

My connection with Navkruti started much before it was even formed. They say that healers and guides appear in your life when you have a very strong calling internally and are desperately seeking the universe. Happens mostly when you are feeling stuck in some sphere of life. Very true indeed! I was in a phase where I had lost my dad to a traumatic battle with Cancer. He was the lifeline of our family, and left me and my mom absolutely lost and clueless in life.

PriyankaBoth me and my mother kept battling our grief, anger, loss of faith, emptiness, emotional breakdown and so much more for years. We had to deal with our own emotions and yet kept trying to be strong for the other to not breakdown. We passed our days trying to feel less of the void that had come in our lives, we were smiling but not happy, we were laughing but shattered internally, we were trying to be with people for company but lonely inside. Less did we know that in this fight to “be strong”, we were damaging so much of ourselves. Within few years, this “being strong” came as a big fall on us.

We were trying to escape our loneliness and fill the emotional gap with various external things e.g. For me, it was getting into a highly consuming job/rushing into relationships/finding an activity to occupy myself always. I also became distanced from my mom for a while, from my own self and emotions too. Life seemed purposeless and yet it was a struggle to deal with a life that lacked any meaning. There was a huge empty space created within me that I could feel in the form of suffocation and anxiety. It was killing me internally. My mother had an extremely bad breakdown, she left her job, came to me and was in extreme depression. This is where somehow Chaina appeared.

She started with healing my mom. And on the way, started coaching me, listening to me, unfolding my own inner emotions layer by layer. Initially I was very resistant to whatever she told me, I was refusing to believe in her and what she was telling me about myself. I was so occupied in the day to day external things that I was unable to understand what she was trying to tell me about my deeper inner self. My lack of faith did not affect her, she was extremely patient and re-enforced the need for me to de-clutter my mind and look within.

Very gradually, I realized how I was ruining my own beautiful life. She made me understand the entire science behind life, how we carry patterns from childhood, what and how our relationships work/fail, profession, ego, anger, attachment, detachment…she told me every single thing with a lot of patience and without pushing her thoughts on me. The only one thing she pushed me for persistently is to meditate every single day and she was sure things will start making sense to me. It was not a preaching, like many other spiritual institutions. She made me reflect on every concept in my own life and understand the true essence of life myself. There have been times where I questioned, doubted, shouted…she took all of it with calm, for she knew it is my journey and was part of my own healing.

My mother’s magical transformation from a person in deep depression to an extremely vibrant and positive person today built my faith in spiritual path even more.

I learnt a bit of meditation from Chaina, and went around different spiritual institutions to experience what they teach. At this time, I was sure of the power of spirituality but like many other fools, I wanted to find “the best one” that showed “instant results”…only to later realize that it is purely about you and yourself; it is not a quick fix medicine but a much tougher and intense journey to truly connect with your own soul.

Meanwhile, she also started Navkruti. I found a common theme in most of the spiritual coaches – a strong ego in their own way of teaching and a chase to form their own cult. I was always intimidated by this since I believed that spiritual journey is extremely personal and different for every single individual.

Navkruti breaks this theme and is built with the vision of empowering “you” to delve deeper into yourself. Without any preaching/ego/spiritual show-off/desire to form a cult/get followers. Having known Chaina for few years now, I have seen many people who she has healed, I have listened to her thoughts at length, I have experienced her strength in healing the toughest emotions in people’s lives. I have personally experienced (through my mom’s experience as well as my own) many dimensions that our mind has potential to open up.
The Srijan workshop is a great starting point for anyone who is seeking to understand and open up new doors in their life. It is a very intense workshop and works deep into your own mind and answers to a lot of questions that you may have. It’s like a mental cleansing.

I have personally evolved a lot in the last two years in every sphere of my life. I can clearly see the shift in the kind of experiences/people/encounters that I have. I have experienced the impossible and I know there’s much more to unfold. I would recommend everyone (irrespective of whether you believe in spirituality or not) – attend Srijan once and see what it opens up!

Priyanka Ahuja, Bangalore

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