Natural Conception after 8 failed cycles of IVF

Infertility is a heavy word for a woman who is going through the ongoing process of IVF, IUI and endless pain of injections, diagnosis. Ask a woman who goes through all these processes month after month. These endless tiring cycles add a lot of mental fatigue and emotional churning to the patients. a-journey-through-infertility-image-2They not only deal with Infertility but also deal with other issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger disorder, fear psychosis, drained energy, bodily issues like headache, infection, bloated stomach.

She (A) contacted us after 8 rounds of failed IVF cycle and she was also in depression because every failed cycle created internal pressure which continued to increase with every failed cycle. So when we started working with her, it was a case of depression as well as infertility. Our job was to restore life in her on a priority basis.

Though she took time, but with constant support she got back to life . After gaining her awareness to the whole situation, she decided to take a pause from the IVF treatment yet she was on continued coaching and support during that period.  Gradually she gained back her sexual energy which was completely stuck during the harsh strenuous process of IVF. As she started showing interest in life, life also came back with a surprise to her. She conceived naturally and delivered a healthy, sweet baby girl.

With all our experience, we can say that if female of a family understands the role of evolution, then so many complications can be averted.

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