Freedom from “Rejection” – 5 Days Empowering Distance Healing – 18th to 22nd Sep 2017

Distance Healing

Rejection is an emotion which has shackled most of the people at the deepest layer consciously/unconsciously. Why we cannot handle rejection, why do we need approval every now and then? Why is approval so important that it unconsciously forces our actions and reactions most of the times?

Most of us didn’t get enough approval from our parents and hence we feel the rejection everywhere. Whoever triggers the emotion of rejection we start accumulating anger, grudges for that person sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously? But the fact is that the other person is just a trigger. We are carrying the emotion of rejection within us. So, as a matter of fact, we are responsible for the rejection we feel. Now, here we need to a decision for ourselves that for how long we will continue to blame the other person and will continue to remain a victim? Can’t we decide to take a step forward to be at peace with ourselves without any expectation of approval and acceptance?

So if you want to Feel Free of the need of Approval & Appreciation from others and heal yourself then this event is for YOU…

Healing Session – Would take place from 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm in the night. As it is a distance healing event, you don’t need to come anywhere, you can heal yourself at the comfort of your own home.

Requirements – 
Last Date to Register – 16th Sep 2017
Time – 30 mins of your Time
Participation Fee – Rs 3100 for Indian Resident, USD 70 for foreign nationals/Indian residents staying outside India.

Process to participate –

1. Deposit the participation fee in the bank account/ Paypal account. Please take account details from Payal Sharma (contact details given below)
2. Mail to us at com / Write to Payal Sharma at +91-9810793564 – how do you feel rejected in your life.
3. Once both the above steps are complete, Payal will add you in the whatsapp group created just for this event and the rest of the healing instructions would be given in the whatsapp group.
4. Whatsapp group would be dissolved after the event is over.
5. Communication would happen only via mail/whatsapp. You can share your queries/discuss anything on the above mentioned communication channels. No Phone call please unless specifically asked.

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Picture Courtesy – Priyanka Ahuja

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