Prarambh – A Journey towards Infinite – Jaipur – 21st Jan 2018

Prarambh 2 - With Tagline

Prarambh – A 4 hour program to begin your journey to Align Mind-Body-Emotions provides you with conceptual understanding and experience of how we can begin to strengthen our inner core and can begin to live in peace while outside chaos remains.

Program Content :

Prarambh would help you understand and experience the Science of Human Design and how can we change our energies so that we can begin to eliminate the above mentioned problems from our life.

Benefits of the Program :

Continual practice of the technique shared in Prarambh, can help you experience the following gains – 

  • To reboot your energy system
  • Immediate sense of relief and calmness
  • Create powerful empowering states as and when you want
  • Ability to create rapport with self and others.
  • Reduces Anxiety, Activates the parasympathetic nervous system – calms mind, Eliminate the oxidative stress hence Improved Sleep
  • Good health is a by product i.e. Better Immune system and hence lesser chances of attracting diseases, disorders or distress
  • Cleanse the past of this life which gives the clear picture of the life ahead

Program Registration :

  1. One week prior to the program, a one-on-one telephonic conversation will be conducted with the participant to understand issues faced by the individual.
  2. Post-workshop support of three weeks is also provided and during this period, Coaching is done as per individual’s requirement (this is on payment basis).
Program Date: 21st Jan 2018
Timings: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Contact Person: Payal Sharma: +91-9810793564
Write to us:

Looking forward to serve you.

Team Navkruti

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