Problems – Are they Internal or External?

Most of the time we talk about happiness, we chase happiness but we never realize that external happiness is momentary and depending on external world for happiness brings only suffering.

human universeWe always relate our happiness to something or put condition. For example if i get a good job i will be happy, if i get married I’ll be happy, if i buy a house I’ll be happy, if i buy big luxury car I’ll be happy. Thus we start chasing happiness and even after achieving everything we are not happy and try to find out some other reason to be happy. This is how we create a trap for us.

So the problem is internal not external. Few more examples can bring clarity. “If i don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend i have a problem, if i have one then also it’s a problem. If I have a job i have set of problems, if i don’t have then there is another set of problems. If i get married then problem, if i don’t get married then also problem If i have a baby, problem is there and if i don’t have then also it is a problem”.

So human mind always searches for what we don’t have and unable to witness what we have. It always complains, cry, crib and by doing so we are creating a world of misery for us. So finding happiness outside or dependency on external world for everything is suffering.

When we are at peace internally or at peace with ourselves, in that situation external world is mere reflection of our own internal world. So human journey should always be from external world to internal and then from internal to external with a connect to inner self to celebrate life fully.

Peace, love, happiness….Amen 😍😍😍

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