Chaitanya – Awakening of Inner Consciousness

Navkruti feels immense pleasure and Gratitude to announce

“Chaitanya – Awakening of Inner Consciousness”

A Five Days Advanced Residential Retreat

a program which came into its being by the sheer guidance of the Universal Energies. Chaitanya is all about expansion of consciousness, expansion of inner silence so that you can start getting the insights about your own life.

It helps you to go deeper and seek the deeper meaning of life. This program is completely experience based where you will be able to dig the deepest layer of being.

Chaitanya is a program which is designed in such a way that people would experience coming out of these illusions and drop of the survival instinct and living an authentic life or celebrating the existence would be a by-product of the program. It would be a journey to go deep within to discover the mystery which lies within each one of us and to quench the thirst of inner journey.

This program is open only to those people who have already experienced Navkruti’s base program named Srijan.

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