Conscious Parenting

Being a parent, we feel that we are doing the best for our children. And to a large extent, this is true because as parents we strive to give the best to our children, irrespective of the situations we are in.

But unconsciously, or out of ignorance, we repeat the same mistakes that our parents did with us and we end up passing on the dominant traits of the family to our children.parenting

For an example, In a family, aggression is in traits or in DNA of the male members and the consequence is beating of the female members and abusive behavior. Because the pattern is in DNA, It influences the next few generations as well.

Now in one generation, if one of the male members becomes aware of this pattern and he starts working on his aggression and succeeds in dropping the aggression, which would help his improve relationship especially with wife. From this generation onward, the aggression would  not get passed on next generation as a dominant pattern. So awareness always makes a shift or a quantum leap in our life.

Sometimes, if we are aware of the adverse impact of the some of the behavior that our parents demonstrated, then we make an attempt not to do that to our children. Also, at times, some behavior are so ingrained in us that even after knowing the adverse impacts of those, we continue to do the same and continue to give lame excuses that it is genetic or hereditary in our family.

Though evolution is a continuous process and all of us are evolving at our pace but at times, we need to stop and look to ourselves and the overall impact we are creating on our family and surroundings, which includes our, so called, adverse behavior also. Also, at times, by the time we realize the impact we are creating, the damage has been done. And to repair this damage is a tough task.

We can open up a new channel for our children by allowing expanding our consciousness. Insights begin to flow and which help better our bond with our children. We@Navkruti are being guided to hold these effortless parenting seminars.

Today’s scenario of parent-child relationship is very different than it used to be two generations back. If we compare, the previous generations suffered from a lot of suppression, which got passed to the current generation of parents. We were taught to compromise, suppress and our “need to be good” are the gifts we received from our ancestors. Fear from parents was considered as “Respect” and speaking your mind was considered as a taboo. Suppression of the individual thought process and individuality was dominant part of the rigid belief system

While today’s parents are very ambitious and pushy. Most of them push their kids to participate and win the race they are running. We put pressure as we are ambitious.  Our suppression gets surfaced when we consciously or unconsciously, want our children to fulfill our ambitions and don’t allow them to be what they want to be. We flaunt our children as our trophies, resulting damage. We push our children for competitions, as if something is being left behind. As if we are preparing them not for life but for race of survival. We raise our children as our extensions and not as independent individuals.

Most of us are unable to create an environment of happiness or peace, which is most needed by a child. If the child is happy then everything falls in place but we are unable to do it because we ourselves are not happy individuals.

In order to raise our children in a conscious way, the key ingredient is to first understand ourselves, our behavior and belief systems. Children are observing our behavior continuously and they are able to see the in congruence in our behavior. If we give any such instruction to our children, whom we ourselves are not following, the chances that they don’t follow that are high. They are sensitive enough to imbibe the same.

So if you want to be so called “good parents” then you need to be ready for commitment of 20 years or else don’t plan to have children.

Till the age of seven years, a child is reflection of parents’ energy, especially mother so whatever you try to teach all goes in vain unless you correct your traits. Whatever is inside you gets reflected in your energy and children catch energy, you don’t have to teach them that.

So our endeavor is to teach you to become aware of your own traits so that you stop passing them to your children. Then there will be no story of hereditary or it is in Family DNA. Our program Srijan is a good launch pad for parents who want to take a step towards Conscious Parenting. And we also take up Conscious Parenting Seminars for people who are open for the same.

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