Relationships and our learnings’ through them

Relationship is the need of society. Every relationship is need based, very few experiences the unconditional frequency. If we look around whether it is mother-child, father-child, sister- brother, husband-wife, friends, lovers, every relationship has got its own beauty and at the same time, some or the other complexities.learning

The most profound karma is with spouse or with lover as it is based on physical intimacy, the chemical reaction. Once the charm is over and the need is fulfilled, they start scratching each other’s back. If the need doesn’t get fulfilled then the misery is more and we start blaming the other person for our misery, & suffering.

Here the wisdom is to take the responsibility of our own life and start looking inward. Start with deep introspection.

  1. What is the compulsive need of any particular relationship?
  2. Why do I experience disappointment in any relationship?
  3. What is the pattern or emotions I repeat in any particular relationship?
  4. Why am I not able to accept the person in this relationship, the way he or she is. What expectations or emotions don’t allow me to accept the form of relationship?

So, when our need doesn’t get fulfilled through a particular relationship, we experience bitterness, disappointment etc.

Specifically husband-wife, lovers move to another relationship without resolving the pattern or emotions and experience the same disappointment. This is so intense and overpowering that we can’t deal with the present one and get stuck without realizing. Sometimes we don’t want to explore it any longer because past hurt and disappointment is larger than the life itself and it prevents us from celebrating the life we are leading.
Every relationship serves us and we need to open up ourselves to experience the beauty of that. Rising above the issues, without getting trapped in ego, we can explore a meaningful, beautiful existence. Surrender; don’t allow the logical mind to overpower you and then only free flow of love energy will happen.

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  1. This is actually useful, thanks.

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