Science and Mysticism

In our life we always search for logic or we analyze, rationalize everything. We never try to get into deep or look beyond. We need science to validate and re validate our actions. Skeptic mind cannot connect to mysticism as doubt is always there. Even if they experience their skeptic mind is not able to read the message in absence of faith and they call it coincidence. Before Copernicus planets and planetary objects were orbiting the sun? Before Einstein theory of relativity existed? Before Newton gravity existed? So the big bang theory or God’s particles? Energy & Mysticism image

Yes, Science is a boon indeed and at the same it is a curse. Mysticism can not be cultivated. It is an experience. When we discover our connect with mysticism, life starts falling in place on its own. Everyone experiences mysticism in their life but the skeptic mind does not allow us to experience, actually it discards.

My journey in mysticism started long time back though it was always there but was not able to perceive it or to experience it.

Mysticism is dance of energy. Differing religious, social and psychological traditions have described this fundamental mystical experience in many different ways. The words “mystical” and “mysticism”, though commonly used by mystics to affirm extraordinary insights beyond all expression, and thus impossible to communicate to others. Mysticism is nothing but visions and raptures and ecstasies. A true mystic never tries to get into or past, actually she or he is not capable of. They don’t try to build future, relationship. They open up their souls to upcoming wave.

Mystics understand the roots of the Tao but not its branches; scientists understand its branches but not its roots. Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science; but man needs both. ~ Fritjof Capra

Mysticism witnesses nothing but love; mysticism is nothing but love. Art shows how it loves, philosophy what it loves; mysticism knows only that it loves. ~ Constantin Brunner

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