Problems We Solve…

Navkruti helps you create a life of health, happiness and peace. We all aspire to have these in our lives but somewhere we mess up our lives… Navkruti helps you uncover the missing connection between the life we lead and the life we aspire to lead.

The services we provide are an end result of working with over hundreds of patients and refining the techniques over the years and validating / re-validating the efficacy of the techniques.

During the treatment /one-on-one session / full day long program, we ensure that the client goes through a very deep level of healing and simultaneously goes through the experiential techniques that are shared with him/her.

The list of services provided by Navkruti are –

  1. Mental Disorder
  2. Diseases Including Cancer
  3. Emotional Trauma / Distress
  4. Autism Spectrum or Children with Special Needs
  5. Male / Female Infertility
  6. Conscious Parenting
  7. Working With Organizations

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