Are you creating Emotional Distress?

Almost every moment we are living, we go through various emotions. Some we are able to deal and some we aren’t… The emotions which we are unable to deal remain unprocessed in our energy system. Emotions are energy in motion and hence when they remain unprocessed, our energy system begins to get blocked…

Suppose, I felt anger/hurt at a certain event and I am unable to either vent or don’t know how to deal with it then that remains unprocessed in my system. So when I experience similar kind of event, i feel more angry and in this way, I continue to accumulate more anger/hurt in my system.. One day, when this anger/hurt becomes so much that I am unable to stop my reaction, I might just go and bang someone’s head or react violently. Although this is a very simple example, life is much more complex and hence the gamut of emotions we experience are obviously more complex and create much more impact on our overall well being, self esteem.

Cases of emotional distress are the most common cases that we get. and each case needs to be dealt in a unique manner depending on the intensity and severity of the symptoms….

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