Emotional Trauma / Distress

When any kind of emotional trauma occurs in our lives, most of the people suppress the emotions triggered by it as they feel unequipped to handle the distress caused by the event.  Hence these are the most commonly ignored cases. Also, socially, we consider emotional trauma or distress as part and parcel of life.

Happiness smallWhen any emotionally traumatic event happens and is not resolved, the emotions gets fixed to one’s psyche for long time and create chain of reaction which leads to anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks sometime rush of intense anger, nightmare, multi sensory flashback of the traumatic event.

For example sexual abuse in childhood, rape, accident, natural disaster, witnessing murder, death of a near or dear one, heart break , marital disharmony, etc

Specially the child abuse blocks the life force energy of the sufferer or in simple language it is a murder of the soul, absence of light. It can be polar opposite also, sometime it blocks the sexual energy completely sometimes feelings of hyper arousal takes place. So it varies from person to person. Trauma can strengthen or weaken faith and overall mental health. Such kind of traumatic event can put the person on victim mode forever.

Holistic approach towards such kind of trauma helps the person to heal the root cause and allow the person to maintain stability and the flow of energy & light.

In Srijan, our Signature program, these types of cases are regular and in most of the cases, they are able to come out of their trauma within few weeks of time.

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