How do we create dis-eases…???

What is a disease? As per metaphysics or from holistic point of view, disease is an indication that there is disharmony between mind body and emotions. Body and emotions are irrevocably linked. Through illness or disease, body gives us the message thHealthy Life Just Ahead_smallat our way of thinking (unconscious) is out of harmony the way it has to be for our overall well being.

We are ignorant about the communication between our body and emotions. We manifest diseases as warning signals that some emotions are getting stored in our body, without our awareness. So diseases force us to look within to find out what is the missing connection between our emotions and body. It is also an indication that we need to change our belief patterns and gives a message that we have reached /crossed our physical or psychological storage limit. By knowing our emotions/belief patterns, we can heal diseases and can bring back the equilibrium in our being where health is a gift. With awareness we can heal chronic to deadly diseases like BP, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergy, Cold and cough, Thyroid, Anemia, Liver related issues, Kidney related issues, Cancer and any diseases can be added to the list. Few examples of diseases.

Cancer : Cancer is a situation where a person continues feel the lack of love. So lack is the emotion or root cause of cancer disease. This lack brings total chaos to the  inner being and gradually other corresponding emotions start developing, which includes anger, bitterness, insecurity, insensitivity, fear. These emotions compelled the person to start living a very rigid life without any compassion and affection that means resistance to love Slowly this lack is being spreaded in whole body and overpowers the body’s immune system. Science tells us Cancerous cells are anaerobic in nature as they grow in absence of oxygen. Again there is lack that is also of oxygen. These heavy emotions obstruct the oxygen flow within the cells. By working on particular emotion we can heal diseases like cancer also from root.

Thyroid: Root cause of Thyroid is suppression where we lie to self or unknowingly we are on denial mode. One is not able to confront, not able to express, try to run away from the situation. Situation, people make them suffocated. Restlessness, frustration are easily can be witnessed in a person suffering from thyroid. Thyroid can be healed easily by applying few techniques.

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