Reversing Physical Diseases

Although dis-ease manifests at physical level, its roots lie at emotional level. So whenever we get a case of any physical disease, we need to access the emotional baggage the participant/patient is carrying.

Most of the times, we begin with enrolling him/her in Srijan, where he/she receives five days of intense distance healing to open his/her emotional body and he/she also the techniques in experiential way. After that he/she receives 4 weeks of workshop support where he/she practices the techniques and is coached by us.

If required, then we ask the participant to go through a specific number of one-on-one coaching sessions.

For cases like cancer, or any disease with high intensity, we ask the participant to go through transformation program. This program is to make him independent of his deep rooted patterns. In cases of cancer, there is a possibility that participant has to go through 2-3 rounds of transformation program.

Depending on the severity of the case, there is a possibility that the patient is first put through transformation program and then through Srijan.

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