Mental Disorder

In simple words, Mental disorder can be defined as disease at mental layer or imbalance in energy flow which creates the disturbance in mind-body-emotions alignment. When a person is unable to handle emotions, he/she starts suppressing it and gets stuck in mind. Mental health_3

Slowly they get disconnected from their body and emotions become alien for them. They start staying in mind and create their own world which is far away from reality. When this pattern sets in, the person starts believing that this is his/her world and a comfort zone gets developed, where getting the person out of that loop or reversing the disorder is little difficult.

Most of the time, mental disorder patients  stay in mind and all energy gets engaged to nurture the loop of  thoughts and emotions. That is how they lack energy and feel lethargic, hardly have enough energy to do the regular tasks or to interact with people. Mental disorder patients cut off themselves from people, social interaction less.  Ecosystem of the house plays an important role in reversing the disorder.

Further those emotions create corresponding emotions and thoughts. Based on that they perceive and create a  world of illusion, thus how mental disorder sets in.  

For example: In a love relationship A (boy) rejected the B(girl) friend. How this rejection creates suffering in her life. Based on her perception she felt the emotion of rejection. This rejection further creates corresponding emotions like hurt, humiliation, pain, anger, self pity and thoughts or beliefs like “no one loves me”, “I am not fit for this world”, “No one is trustworthy”, “I do for others but i don’t get in return”.

All these combine a loop and she starts living in that loop which further gets into hopelessness and thus depression sets in. A simple emotion can be fatal based on individual’s perception.

Depression : When a person loses hope in life and past events are larger than life, where people don’t have faith in unknown and don’t have enough courage to face the uncertainty. Life becomes meaningless. They need something to survive. This depression is also survival.

Schizophrenia : Trust broken once, cannot be restored, people suffering from schizophrenia have this unforgiveness attitude and have deep rooted anger. They are on denial mode, not trusting their existence, getting connected with the mystical layer and Medical Science calls it hallucination.

Obsessive Comulsive Disorder : Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a situation where thoughts gets intensified. In a normal situation we get thoughts but they don’t stay with us round the clock, comes and goes sometimes for long time also. But with OCD cases these thoughts are very very intensive and stay with them almost all the time (24*7). For example, a normal person gets a disturbing thought for ten times a day but with OCD cases it is like loop and the projection of thoughts very fast, 500-1000 times and at a high speed. Further it gets reflected in action as well, which is more disturbing. Their subconscious mind stores data of some disturbing events like parents fight, school bullying which happens in childhood and this data get surfaced after certain period of time. OCD mostly starts in childhood.

Like this the list goes on bipolar disorder, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

In order to deal with mental disorders, we need to spread the awareness about how are we creating these disorders and how can we reverse the symptoms using holistic healing methods.

Every family has a case of mental disorder, acceptance is farfetched as we find it a taboo. Whenever we witness some abnormalities in behaviour pattern in a member of a family and it persists, immediately we should intervene and not to hesitate to take the help of Cognitive therapist, Spiritual healers, and counsellors.

Allopathic Medicines give symptomatic relief, not cure and that is also with lots of side effects. Acceptance and unconditional love can bring a shift to the state of the sufferer. Healing  Mental disorder patients is our core competency. So far, we have solved more than hundred cases through our process.

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