So what exactly is Love???

Are we really aware of love which we discuss every now and then???

mind creates realityMost of the time we get confused about love, which we feel is an emotion. Sensitivity towards self is needed to express love and to feel to be loved.

Love is not an emotion, it is state of being where all lower frequency emotions like anger, bitterness, rage, jealousy, insecurity, fear (list is endless) can not stay. In absence of all these emotions we start feeling very sweet and soft which we confused with love. So love is a sweet feeling. Anyone can acquire this state by working on emotions.

  1. Whenever you are disturbed or not at peace, start introspecting the situation or the person deeply. Try to understand what emotions are getting triggered by the situation or the person.
  2. Our ignorance or our ego doesn’t allow us to accept. We always try to find faults with others but forget to address self. Acceptance of situation or people comes with inner wisdom.The moment one accepts the situation or people the way they are peace sets in on its own.
  3. After accepting the situation or people now choice is yours to stay connected or to disconnect and move on. Important is to address inner conflict.

When one addresses and get rid of all these lower frequency emotions, starts feeling very soft and sweet naturally and this is love. This softness can be witnessed through your features, structure of body. Love is always subtle.

Remove lower frequency emotions and radiate love.


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