So what exactly is Love???

mind creates reality

Are we really aware of love which we discuss every now and then??? Most of the time we get confused about love, which we feel is an emotion. Sensitivity towards self is needed to express love and to feel to be loved. Love is not an emotion, it is state …

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Problems – Are they Internal or External?

human universe

Most of the time we talk about happiness, we chase happiness but we never realize that external happiness is momentary and depending on external world for happiness brings only suffering. We always relate our happiness to something or put condition. For example if i get a good job i will …

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​Is it possible to compare with 7.5 billion people of the world? Why is it that whenever this feeling comes, it always comes with an anxiety to prove?  Why are we not able to accept what we have ? Why are we not aware of our unique code? Most of …

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Schizophrenia : Never Ending Thirst for the quest

schizophrenia 2_edited

A case of Schizophrenia: A 26 years old girl, who was a Journalist by profession, had a huge thirst for mysticism. To quench that thirst she started with experimentation on her own. She gathered all the information using a search engine to meditate and to gain power. Out of body …

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Hyperactivity and Insomnia


A free spirited guy was caught up in the pool of negative energy. At the surface level, it seemed a very simple case to handle but the when we started talking; we found that he was in a total state of mess. The biggest benefit with was he came to …

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Case Study : Healing of a Autism Spectrum Child


Autism: Autism Spectrum or Children with Special Needs, “Whom, Where Do I Belong To”? “Do you understand me”? “Do you accept me the way i am”? These children with special needs come to the physical realm (our earth) on a very tough contract. They prefer to be on their own and live …

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A Journey – Depression to Balanced State

suffering is a choice

Working with cases of depression is much easier than working with any other kind of Mental Disorders. The root cause of depression is that the person doesn’t have any faith and has lost hope in his own existence. Life is meaningless and purposeless. Helping them develops faith and hope in …

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Breathing – “the Prana, the Vitality, the Aliveness”


Breathing is an autonomous process. It is the one of the key essentials to human living. Breathing is the “fundamental of life – the Prana, the vitality, the aliveness”. Life is breath. And almost all of us do it the wrong way. Conscious breathing is one of the simplest ways …

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A New Thought Process – “A New You”

A New Thought Process_1

How can we begin to experience peace, harmony and tranquility in our daily life? To bring about this change, we need to understand what a perception is and how it works? How everyone perceives differently? We carry our belief system & emotions in our subconscious mind. Our thoughts are generated …

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