Testimony – Transformation into better, aware & peaceful self

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After going through distance healing, Srijan workshop and guided meditation by Chaina Karmakar, I have transformed into better self version who is aware and in peace. The process and outcome of this turnaround is difficult to articulate, it is something to experience!! I began to notice a huge difference in …

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How to maintain Life Force Energy while achieving your goals?

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This article is based on the queries that we receive and our observation while handling clients mostly from academic background or so to say highly ambitious people. What we have been observing is that people don’t have enough energy to live life after achieving or accomplishing IIT, IIM degrees, other …

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Depression & Internal Agony of a Mother


Although each case that we get is unique in nature but this case falls in a special category because it is one of those cases where the client and we didn’t see each other. We handled the complete case through Skype and Whatsapp calls. We always prefer the physical presence of …

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Misery to Ecstasy – A Journey

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I was living in a state of turmoil. I was very confused as my internal and external worlds were very different. I am an unwanted child and since my childhood, I always compared myself with my younger brother. I never loved myself and neither my near and dear ones. I …

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Relationships and our learnings’ through them


Relationship is the need of society. Every relationship is need based, very few experiences the unconditional frequency. If we look around whether it is mother-child, father-child, sister- brother, husband-wife, friends, lovers, every relationship has got its own beauty and at the same time, some or the other complexities. The most …

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Repercussions of Need Based Relationships

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We create relationship to fulfill our needs… Shocked to Read this??? If we start analyzing, every relationship has a need. But is it possible to have a relationship without a need? Also, as the need gets fulfilled, the relationship loses its charm. Let’s understand it better with an example. A female named “A” …

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Alarming Issue of Infertility


Women’s liberation or revolution in society came up with lot of conflicts and struggle. There is always a struggle between old rigid belief system and new belief system within. There is huge conflict when it comes to adapt it and live with it. Freedom is a mental concept to be lived by, physical …

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Balancing Male & Female Energies

Male Female Energies_small

This is a world of duality and Universe has created everything in pair light and dark, pain and pleasure. And to appreciate one, we need to experience the other as well .i.e, we can appreciate sweet only if we have experienced sour. And to experience this duality, we humans also …

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Better Relationship with Self


Name – Ridiesha Roy, Mumbai Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions Short tempered Anxiety and fear Insecurity How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar? I have increased awareness of self. I felt I would learn something that will help me understand myself deeper and …

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