Life can be Beautiful!!!

Life can be beautiful

Sometimes it is very difficult for people to start with their inner journey in order to live a happy and healthy life. Trying to summarize our experience while dealing with people on a daily basis and their struggle to move on in their respective life. Mostly people are not aware …

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Testimony – Transformation into better, aware & peaceful self

IMG_20170528_174845 - Copy

After going through distance healing, Srijan workshop and guided meditation by Chaina Karmakar, I have transformed into better self version who is aware and in peace. The process and outcome of this turnaround is difficult to articulate, it is something to experience!! I began to notice a huge difference in …

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My Spiritual Evolution with Navkruti


My connection with Navkruti started much before it was even formed. They say that healers and guides appear in your life when you have a very strong calling internally and are desperately seeking the universe. Happens mostly when you are feeling stuck in some sphere of life. Very true indeed! …

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Balancing Male & Female Energies

Male Female Energies_small

This is a world of duality and Universe has created everything in pair light and dark, pain and pleasure. And to appreciate one, we need to experience the other as well .i.e, we can appreciate sweet only if we have experienced sour. And to experience this duality, we humans also …

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Connection with Self


Transformation of me is the process and I have been going through and the journey is still on…Thanks to Chaina whom I met almost 2 years back. I had met her when I was going through a rough patch in terms of self esteem, relationship issue and health issue with very low will …

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Reversing Irregular Sleep & Emotional Patterns

Roopak Malhas

Name – Roopak Mhalas, Mumbai Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions. Irregular sleep or sometimes restless sleep. Sleep was not continuous for 6-7 hours, but in breaks and something seemed to be bothering me. In my daily life and work I also had anxiety, worry, fear of future, guilt for …

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Relationship with my child

me and my child

When I got pregnant, it was a feeling of joy and ecstasy but soon it became turmoil as the pregnancy was full of complications. And I was getting more negative day by day. Here, Chaina came as a savior and guided & coached me all through the pregnancy. Even after the child’s …

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Disorder to Sound Sleep


Name – Madhur Verma, Mumbai Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions: Sleep Disorder Low concentration level Had problem to say no to others How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar? I could feel the energy within me and be witnessing the changes in …

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A New Beginning…

A New Beginning

I am a very outgoing person and I could never imagine that a day would come where I would love to sit in one corner of my room, just to be with myself…. Most of the times, I used to be on my toes. Anger, Restlessness, and Irritation were my weapons. I …

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Approval And Rejection


Rejection is an emotion which has shackled most of the people at the deepest layer consciously/unconsciously. Why we cannot handle rejection, why do we need approval every now and then? Why is approval so important that it unconsciously forces our actions and reactions most of the times? Most of us …

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