Depression & Internal Agony of a Mother


Although each case that we get is unique in nature but this case falls in a special category because it is one of those cases where the client and we didn’t see each other. We handled the complete case through Skype and Whatsapp calls. We always prefer the physical presence of …

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From Fear to Creativity

Creativity Takes Courage_small

About two and half years back I met Chaina – bubbly and happy exuding enthusiasm and extremely compassionate. Just being around her is healing half done … On a serious note – she is a tremendous coach and a powerful healer.  I could describe myself at that point a very angry, …

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Reversing Irregular Sleep & Emotional Patterns

Roopak Malhas

Name – Roopak Mhalas, Mumbai Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions. Irregular sleep or sometimes restless sleep. Sleep was not continuous for 6-7 hours, but in breaks and something seemed to be bothering me. In my daily life and work I also had anxiety, worry, fear of future, guilt for …

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Disorder to Sound Sleep


Name – Madhur Verma, Mumbai Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions: Sleep Disorder Low concentration level Had problem to say no to others How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina Karmakar? I could feel the energy within me and be witnessing the changes in …

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Schizophrenia : Never Ending Thirst for the quest

schizophrenia 2_edited

A case of Schizophrenia: A 26 years old girl, who was a Journalist by profession, had a huge thirst for mysticism. To quench that thirst she started with experimentation on her own. She gathered all the information using a search engine to meditate and to gain power. Out of body …

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Breathing – “the Prana, the Vitality, the Aliveness”


Breathing is an autonomous process. It is the one of the key essentials to human living. Breathing is the “fundamental of life – the Prana, the vitality, the aliveness”. Life is breath. And almost all of us do it the wrong way. Conscious breathing is one of the simplest ways …

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Approval And Rejection


Rejection is an emotion which has shackled most of the people at the deepest layer consciously/unconsciously. Why we cannot handle rejection, why do we need approval every now and then? Why is approval so important that it unconsciously forces our actions and reactions most of the times? Most of us …

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