How to maintain Life Force Energy while achieving your goals?

Maintain Lifeforce.jpg

This article is based on the queries that we receive and our observation while handling clients mostly from academic background or so to say highly ambitious people. What we have been observing is that people don’t have enough energy to live life after achieving or accomplishing IIT, IIM degrees, other …

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My Spiritual Evolution with Navkruti


My connection with Navkruti started much before it was even formed. They say that healers and guides appear in your life when you have a very strong calling internally and are desperately seeking the universe. Happens mostly when you are feeling stuck in some sphere of life. Very true indeed! …

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Unconscious Parenting

unconscious parenting

Most of the parents feel that they are the best parents in the world and they know everything about parenting. And to a certain extent, they are right in their attitude because they try to do the best for their children, but unknowingly or out of ignorance they make a …

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Schizophrenia : Never Ending Thirst for the quest

schizophrenia 2_edited

A case of Schizophrenia: A 26 years old girl, who was a Journalist by profession, had a huge thirst for mysticism. To quench that thirst she started with experimentation on her own. She gathered all the information using a search engine to meditate and to gain power. Out of body …

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Process of Transformation or Healing

Lotus Flowering

We feel that not every technique works for every individual and hence the healing of a person depends on his/her psyche and the symptoms he is experiencing. With our detailed discussion and question/answer session with the person, we get to the root cause of the issue. And then to empower him, …

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